A Huge Impact


Your workspace and environment have a huge impact on staff and a negative or crowded workspace can have a knock-on effect on productivity. Creating the perfect working environment is important for the success of your business and can go a long way when it comes to improving colleague retention rates. Building the best possible workspace will ensure that you keep employees happy and motivated, it really is critical to the overall success of your company.


Fine-tuning your environment will go a long way to helping your team enjoy their time at work, even small improvements to your organisations working environment can make a significant difference to productivity, wellbeing, performance, happiness, and engagement.


There’s a range of businesses and organisations out there who are known for providing efficient and effective workplaces, here are just a handful that does it right:


  • Architectural Services
  • Online and Internet Firm Headquarters
  • Food and Drink Brands
  • Clothing Brands
  • Design Firms
  • Marketing Companies


To help ensure that your workspace is at its full creative capacity, we have put together some areas to consider when creating the perfect office environment.



High-quality office furniture (both new and used) will provide you with the finishing touch to any office design and can also speak volumes when it comes to office presentation and the presentation that your firm gives. There are so many styles and designs available and luckily, here at Office Furniture in London, we are experts in providing office furniture in Oxford and Reading and office clearance. We can help you to find the right furniture solution to suit your business.


When it comes to choosing office furniture to suit your new workplace design, it’s essential to not only get the look right but also ensure comfort and practicality to guarantee a functional working environment for your valued employees. You can choose the type of furniture based on the item’s functional requirements, budgets and the style of space it’s going to fit into. Bespoke furniture services are also a great option should you require something unique and tailored to yours and your new workplace design requirements.



Ways to work

Firms that provide flexible workspaces where employees can work in different “work modes” can help to promote the following:


  1. Focus – individual work that needs concentration, usually single tasks or projects
  2. Learn – creating knowledge through education or experience
  3. Socialise – interacting with colleagues and peers to build trust, a sense of collective identity and create productive relationships
  4. Collaborate – work with another person or in a group or via Skype


People are much more easily able to collaborate in different workspaces that they can concentrate on, it’s important that you make different spaces for collaboration and quiet working rooms for deep work. From open offices, cubicle farms and private offices, it’s important to create a balance of intense focus and rich collaboration.


Another important area to consider is having the right technology in place to support flexible working. Advances in communications and technology mean that for many office-based workers, there are a few reasons why they can’t work flexibly or remotely. Workers will find that flexible working will help them to better fit in family demands as well as reducing time spent commuting and associated stress. Escaping the office to work in a quieter location from time to time is also important for staff who need to concentrate on deep work.


Breakout areas

On average, British workers tend to take only a 24-minute lunch break and more than half of workers will skip their lunch break altogether, this research also showed that 70% of workers fail to take their lunch break properly and will each at their desk. Your staff will be much more likely to take a break and be more energised and ready for a productive afternoon if you create an attractive space where they can eat, relax and talk to their colleagues.


You may even want to provide activities such as a games console, table football or pool table as a way of encouraging employees to switch off from work during their breaks.