A-Frame Back to Back Bench Desks




A-Frame Back to Back Bench Desks




From £240 plus VAT




  • The A-Frame Back to Back Bench Desks have a simple yet stylish design
  • These desks are equally attractive as starter units of the modular range or as a stand alone back to back banks
  • With 25mm thick white tops available in 3x widths
  • With chamfered edges
  • With scalloped edges at the back for cable management
  • On a pair of width adjustable beams on metal A-Frame legs available in:
    • Black
    • Silver
    • White
  • Dimensions: 
    • Width: variable
    • Depth: 1600mm
    • Height: 730mm
  • Widths available as the A-Frame Back to Back Bench Desks: 
    • Width: 1200mm (OWNB-BBS-1280): From £240 plus VAT
    • Width: 1400mm (OWNB-BBS-1480): From £278 plus VAT
    • Width: 1600mm (OWNB-BBS-1680): From £293 plus VAT
    • Width: 2400mm: (bank of 4x 1200mm desks): From £465 plus VAT
    • Width: 2800mm: (bank of 4 x 1400mm desks): From £518 plus VAT
    • Width: 3200mm: (bank of 4 x 1600mm desks): From £556 plus VAT