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City Single Bench Desks




City Single Bench Desks




From £153 plus VAT (RRP from £249 plus VAT)



  • The City Single Bench Desks are an affordable desking option without compromising on style
  • With floating tops and slender legs, these desks will modernise any office 
  • With 25mm thick, twin scalloped tops for cable management, available in:
    • Anthracite (AN)
    • Beech (B)
    • Cherry (C)
    • Classic Ash (CA)
    • Dakar (Dk)
    • Light Oak (LO)
    • Modern Oak (MO)
    • Maple (M)
    • Plain Grey (PG)
    • Portofino Cherry (PC)
    • Swiss Elm (SE)
    • Silver (S)
    • Walnut (WA)
    • White (WH)
  • On a 38mm square box section steel frame and legs available in:
    • Black
    • Grey
    • Silver 
    • White
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: variable
    • Depth: 800mm
    • Height: 740mm
  • The City Single Slim Bench Desks are available in the following widths:
    • Width: 1000mm (HAWK-BSBS108): From £153 plus VAT
    • Width: 1200mm (HAWK-BSBS128): From £166 plus VAT
    • Width: 1400mm (HAWK-BSBS148): From £198 plus VAT
    • Width: 1600mm (HAWK-BSBS168): From £204 plus VAT
    • Width: 1800mm (HAWK-BSBS188): From £212 plus VAT