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Cork Boards




Cork Boards


By Dynamic


From £19 plus VAT (RRP from £34 plus VAT)



  • This Cork Board is an office essential
  • A simple inboard for all your notices
  • A sturdy board with a steel backing
  • With a silver anodised aluminium frame
  • The Cork Boards are available in the following sizes:
    • 600mm x 450mm (DYN-KT1412): From £19 plus VAT
    • 900mm x 600mm (DYN-KT1402): From £22 plus VAT
    • 1200mm x 900mm (DYN-KT1403): From £33 plus VAT
    • 1200mm x 1200mm (DYN-KT1419): From £50 plus VAT
    • 1500mm x 1200mm (DYN-KT1414): From £56 plus VAT
    • 1800mm x 1200mm (DYN-KT1405): From £70 plus VAT
    • 2400mm x 1200mm (DYN-KT1406): From £89 plus VAT

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600mm x 450mm, 900mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 900mm, 1200mm x 1200mm, 1500mm x 1200mm, 1800mm x 1200mm, 2400mm x 1200mm