Galaxy 165 Range Screens




Galaxy 165 Range Screens By ECO From £105 plus VAT  
  • The Galaxy 165 are a basic floor standing screen
  • Available as a freestanding option or a linking screen
  • Available in a range of colours: Please contact us for options
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: variable
    • Height: 1650mm
  • Width options available in the Galaxy 165 Range Screens:
    • Width: 800mm (ECO-GC165-80): From £105 plus VAT
    • Width: 1000mm (ECO-GC165-100): From £111 plus VAT
    • Width: 1200mm (ECO-GC165-120): From £113 plus VAT
    • Width: 1400mm (ECO-GC165-140): From £115 plus VAT
    • Width: 1500mm (ECO-GC165-150): From £116 plus VAT
    • Width: 1600mm (ECO-GC165-160): From £117 plus VAT
    • Width: 1800mm (ECO-GC165-180): From £132 plus VAT

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Width: 800mm, Width: 1000mm, Width: 1200mm, Width: 1400mm, Width: 1500mm, Width: 1600mm, Width: 1800mm